Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Conquerors... Well, Conquered.

 For the final away game of the season, the Faith Baptist Falcons traveled to Milford and played the Conquerors. And the Conquerors... well, they conquered us.
 The girls started us off, but with Lexy sick and wheezing our spirit just went out of the game. However, Brynn took over and scored a total of 30 points, her highest total this season. Lexy did manage to score 11 points, the same as Karen, and Kassie and Allie shot a basket apiece(Allie's first basket- Whoo!). But sadly, we lost, and the victory went to Milford, 55 to 70.
 The guys had an equally hard time, and there were quite a few sore people on the bus ride home. Luke slammed face-first into the wall (Good thing there was a mat.) in the first couple minutes, John taking his big brother's lead and jamming his finger a little later. Though Jimmy scored an impressive 20 points, Josiah very close behind with 19 and Luke with 9 (I'm sure he would've done better if he hadn't hurt himself.), the guys still took a defeat and lost 48 to 62.
 Our last game, besides the possibility of tournaments, is March 1st, and we will yet again be playing the Milford Christian Conquerors. Let's go Falcons, we're almost done!

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