Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We Beat the Birds!

 Yet again, another make-up blog. My apologies. But back on topic:
February 11th we took on the Holly Grove Eagles yet again, and crushed them on our home court! Ahh, revenge, you are truly sweet. The girls started us off as usual, and it was an intense game indeed! But after a harsh and exciting fourth quarter, our ladies took the win with a score of 26 to 22. Karen and Lexy each scored 10 points and Brynn followed with 6. Good job girls!
 Our Falcons, after an incredibly tough and hard-core game, defeated the Eagles with a 34 to 25 win! Our guys really took a beating, John taking two falls, but came out on top through it all (Even though it seemed with all the Holly Grove guys slipping on imaginary water no one was staying up.). Jimmy and Luke each scored 10 points, Josiah 8 and John 6. Considering Faith hardly ever takes a victory over Holly Grove, let's give them all a big cheer! GO, FIGHT, WIN!

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