Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Falcons FTW!

 Our second double victory for Faith just went down yesterday! Let's give a huge cheer for our Falcons! As our first time playing a public school, this time being the S. Dorchester "Jacks", we won both our games and played like pros! Show 'em how to do it, Falcons!
 Our girls started us off as usual and played hard, winning with a score of 27 to 19 like it was nothing! Our Lady Falcon's captain, Miss Lexy Ness, shot over half the points herself, making quite a few baskets and adding 15 points to our total all by herself! After we were sure the score was up and we were staying there, Lexy shared the glory and fed some shots to Kassie, Ally and Chrissy, and though Ally gave a few good tries she didn't manage to sink one. Good job girls!
 Now here's the exciting news: Our Falcons finally won, and they won it right! With a score of 59 to 37, our guys finally showed up and played their all, showing what they're made of. Jimmy and John each scored 10 points, but Josiah showed them that was nothing and scored 13. Luke, always the over-achieving athletic Zockoll, shot Josiah down with a total of 16. As we can tell from his best total of 29 points in one game, Josiah was simply letting Luke have the glory. (All in speculation my friends.) That's how you play it guys!

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