Monday, February 4, 2013

Tuesday Trouble

 As of January 29th, the Faith Baptist Falcons took on the Holly Grove Eagles in an intense battle of the birds! You may have even heard some screeching if you listened close enough to the girl's game!
 Sadly, being the bearer of bad news, the Falcons yet again took a loss. With Josiah out of the game, the fight went out too, and the Falcons fell, taking a loss of 29 to 53. Luke and Jimmy seemed to have a twin plan going however, and managed to shoot 9 points a piece. Though not the best game to watch from my perch at the scorekeepers table, I have to admit the Eagles have an amazing court. Random, yes, but also true.
 Our Lady Falcons, however, took the victory again! Brynn and Lexy decided to play twinsies too, and scored 8 points each, the rest of the girls helping out for a win of 22 to 12. Be loud and proud girls, you deserve it! 

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