Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 Last night's games were the best yet! The intensity, last-minute baskets and eardrum-piercing cheering and yelling (most of which from Coach Kenny) certainly hyped everyone up, and the bus ride home was insane! Let's give a big cheer to our high-flying Falcons!
 The Lady Falcons started us off, and from the beginning Lexy Ness and Brynn Binkley tore up the court, scoring basket after basket like nobody's business. But even though our girls were pushing Smyrna to their limits, after half time the tide changed. Smyrna started pressuring us and the points slipped, letting them pull back up, and by the final quarter, the girls were going back and forth, basket to basket. The ladies managed to shoot one last basket in the final few minutes and held their defense, letting them keep their victory of 32 to 30.
 Our Falcon men were hard at work through their entire game, being pressured and letting a few baskets slip, the points rising and flowing with the cheers in the air. Smyrna definitely kept them busy, and by the end of the game i'm pretty sure it's the foul shots and Jimmy DeWeerdt's new spot on defense that kept our one point victory from slipping away. Thanks to these boys' tiring effort and Josiah Sansone's total of 33 points, his record of the year, we just managed to pull our victory of 66 to 65.
 That, is how you "Go, Fight, Win!".

Friday, January 18, 2013

Senior Spotlights

 After Tuesday's and Thursday's games were canceled, I really got to thinking: What am I going to write about after the basketball season is over? One thing that I've always enjoyed and specialized in is writing, mainly short stories or essays. When I was editor of the school newspaper last year, this talent was really put to the test, writing and formatting interesting, attention-grabbing, factual articles. Seeing that now I have many outlets for my writing, including this blog, my guest articles on the youth website (, and an online website called Figment for interested young writers, I'm able to spread my audience viewing. Now the question is: What am I going to write for my audience?
 My plan right now is to write on school happenings. And since this year is already halfway through, I want to write on something that will soon be gone, and that leads me to this: Senior Spotlights. I believe this was an article idea for the Falcon Frenzy last year that we never delved into, so I plan on bringing it back. On the days when there are no basketball games to write about, I'll be taking one senior and focusing on them. Let's see how this goes!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's Go Girls!

 Thanks to the hard work of out Falcon ladies this past Friday night, we won our first victory! In an intense, hard-pounding fourth quarter, the girls managed to pull a tie and that gave us just enough time in overtime to pull ahead! If you were there, you know this was probably the most exciting game yet! With a score of 32 to 27, the girls pulled our first victory in overtime right on our home court. The guys lost by about 20 points, but it was probably their best game of the season so far with the Zockoll brothers to back the team up, causing the score to soar. 
Monday's night's games followed in the footsteps of the guy's Friday night game, with the scores about 20 points below the opponents. Even though we lost, you can tell that the teams are just getting better and better! I can't wait to be writing down score-sheet after score-sheet of victories for our soaring Falcons!  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tiring Days

 As far as the school day goes, I'd say there were a few tiring items on the agenda today. Starting off in Bible class with Extreme Ping-Pong, a crazy fast-paced match set up by Pastor Binkley(who else?), followed by the always-dreaded class of physical education to finish off the day, I feel so sorry for those students who, after two hours of running and generally exercising, had to go right back out at kill themselves in basketball practice.
 I just noticed my trend of focusing on basketball happenings. Well, I guess we all know now what my blog is about. At least until basketball season is over, anyway. But, to wrap up my point, even when we have these tiring and hard days, always remember to go to the Lord at the end of the day and thank him for all He has done.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birds vs. Men

Well, it looks like practice really does make perfect! This last game, the Falcons took on the CCS Crusaders, and though FBS didn't win, they're certainly doing better! The guys managed to pull their points up into the 30's, quite a bit of them thanks to Josiah S. being back in the game again now that his eye is healed. The girls got into the double digits too, Lexy N. leading them like an old pro, which I guess she is now. By the end of the season, I believe these athletes will be playing together like well-oiled machines. As scorekeeper, I can't wait for the days when i'll be writing down the points leading to victories for the Falcons. Go, Fight, Win!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogging for Credit?

 A new year, a new blog. So at Faith Baptist School, the high school English classes have been encouraged to start some blogs. Hence, blogging. Seeing as i'm not a very interesting person, this may be difficult. So bare with me.
 Some interesting things that have been going on at the school lately, besides dating drama and the like, are the new sports teams: It's time for basketball, people! Being this year's score keeper for the Falcons, i've gotten to see first hand the first three games. And sadly, i've gotten to write down the exact points to show how much we've lost. Yippee, right? But as the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect!", and there's still about a month of practices left. Let's hope these players can keep up their confidence and strength! The next game will be Monday against one of the tougher schools, but as long as these athletes can play their best to the glory of God, nothing else really matters.