Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 Last night's games were the best yet! The intensity, last-minute baskets and eardrum-piercing cheering and yelling (most of which from Coach Kenny) certainly hyped everyone up, and the bus ride home was insane! Let's give a big cheer to our high-flying Falcons!
 The Lady Falcons started us off, and from the beginning Lexy Ness and Brynn Binkley tore up the court, scoring basket after basket like nobody's business. But even though our girls were pushing Smyrna to their limits, after half time the tide changed. Smyrna started pressuring us and the points slipped, letting them pull back up, and by the final quarter, the girls were going back and forth, basket to basket. The ladies managed to shoot one last basket in the final few minutes and held their defense, letting them keep their victory of 32 to 30.
 Our Falcon men were hard at work through their entire game, being pressured and letting a few baskets slip, the points rising and flowing with the cheers in the air. Smyrna definitely kept them busy, and by the end of the game i'm pretty sure it's the foul shots and Jimmy DeWeerdt's new spot on defense that kept our one point victory from slipping away. Thanks to these boys' tiring effort and Josiah Sansone's total of 33 points, his record of the year, we just managed to pull our victory of 66 to 65.
 That, is how you "Go, Fight, Win!".


  1. I love reading your blog and your excitement for the games is contageous!!

  2. Again Kelly! Awesome. Keep up the good work, it keeps us all informed. Few grammatical things to work out, but overall it's fine!