Friday, January 18, 2013

Senior Spotlights

 After Tuesday's and Thursday's games were canceled, I really got to thinking: What am I going to write about after the basketball season is over? One thing that I've always enjoyed and specialized in is writing, mainly short stories or essays. When I was editor of the school newspaper last year, this talent was really put to the test, writing and formatting interesting, attention-grabbing, factual articles. Seeing that now I have many outlets for my writing, including this blog, my guest articles on the youth website (, and an online website called Figment for interested young writers, I'm able to spread my audience viewing. Now the question is: What am I going to write for my audience?
 My plan right now is to write on school happenings. And since this year is already halfway through, I want to write on something that will soon be gone, and that leads me to this: Senior Spotlights. I believe this was an article idea for the Falcon Frenzy last year that we never delved into, so I plan on bringing it back. On the days when there are no basketball games to write about, I'll be taking one senior and focusing on them. Let's see how this goes!

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