Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's Go Girls!

 Thanks to the hard work of out Falcon ladies this past Friday night, we won our first victory! In an intense, hard-pounding fourth quarter, the girls managed to pull a tie and that gave us just enough time in overtime to pull ahead! If you were there, you know this was probably the most exciting game yet! With a score of 32 to 27, the girls pulled our first victory in overtime right on our home court. The guys lost by about 20 points, but it was probably their best game of the season so far with the Zockoll brothers to back the team up, causing the score to soar. 
Monday's night's games followed in the footsteps of the guy's Friday night game, with the scores about 20 points below the opponents. Even though we lost, you can tell that the teams are just getting better and better! I can't wait to be writing down score-sheet after score-sheet of victories for our soaring Falcons!  

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  1. Kelly, these look great! Keep it up, and the Extra Credit will continue! (maybe a little longer posts would be good though)