Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tiring Days

 As far as the school day goes, I'd say there were a few tiring items on the agenda today. Starting off in Bible class with Extreme Ping-Pong, a crazy fast-paced match set up by Pastor Binkley(who else?), followed by the always-dreaded class of physical education to finish off the day, I feel so sorry for those students who, after two hours of running and generally exercising, had to go right back out at kill themselves in basketball practice.
 I just noticed my trend of focusing on basketball happenings. Well, I guess we all know now what my blog is about. At least until basketball season is over, anyway. But, to wrap up my point, even when we have these tiring and hard days, always remember to go to the Lord at the end of the day and thank him for all He has done.

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