Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Bad

I have yet again been neglecting the library. My bad. But back to what everyone actually reads this blog for: Basketball!
 Almost two weeks ago on February 7th, the Falcons took on the Salisbury Christian Jaguars and took home (figuratively, since they were already on the home court) another victory, making it their third win of the season! Being an only boys game, it progressed quickly, and by half-time the score was 23 to 11, Falcons in the lead. With a win of 44 to 32, the guys did a great job and played an awesome game. Luke led  the score with 14 points, which I found quite ironic seeing that his jersey number is also 14. Josiah was right on his heels with 13, John with 9 and Jimmy with 8. Good job guys, and sorry for the late praise!

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