Saturday, March 9, 2013

Goodbye Basketball

 As the final game of the season, the Falcons took on Milford on the home court last Friday. After having been beaten on their court, we took the fight home and, though we were defeated again, we had   some fantastic last games!
 Our girls really strove for the victory, but it just slipped out of their grasp. Lexy took quite a few falls (Just so you know, you play basketball on your feet Lex!) but still managed to score 12 points on her own. Brynn really took the initiative and helped her out by putting up 16 points. Karen played well and managed to score 6 points, and Anastasia, after being out of the game almost the entire season, still managed to shoot a basket and added another 2 points to the score. Even though they fought hard, Milford still took the win with a score of 58 to 36. Good try girls, and it's been an awesome season with you all!
 The guys also took a loss, though they played hard. Taking an eleven point lead, Milford beat us 55 to 66. However, almost everyone on the team got to make a basket or two, and our guys played with a lot of energy. John scored two points along with Corey, KJ 4 points and Jimmy 8, barely beaten by Josiah who managed to get 9 points. Luke really took the game into his own hands though, and shot 24 points, an awesome total to end his last season with. However, Luke was pulled out in the last quarter due to a leg injury, and Josiah and Jimmy were pulled from the game too due to having too many fouls.
 Besides the losses, these games ended the season well and it's been awesome traveling with the team and getting to watch each and every game! I'm going to miss this, but there's always next year! Good season Falcons; you've played to the glory of God and you've played hard.

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