Saturday, March 23, 2013


 Just yesterday, all eligible participants went to States competition in Richmond, Virginia. Waking up at 2 am was just one of the many wonderful experiences we got to do, and i'm pretty sure there's still going to be some sleepy people on Monday! Through everything, it was a great day! Watching how other schools performed, getting to perform ourselves and just knowing we'd done our best was fantastic!
 Just a few of the things we Falcons managed was sending three people to Nationals and winning a couple first place trophies! Justin Kaspersky will be going to Bob Jones University with his 2nd place classical piano piece, along with Scott Zockoll with his 3rd place Still Life photograph! And i'll be making the trip to write yet another poem since I came in third! Faith has really represented well! Good job guys!
 A more complete list of winners can be found on the school Facebook page. I'll write again after Nationals. Just remember, "Do all to the glory of God"!

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