Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So Much To Do!

 As we're nearing the end of the school year, things are getting busier and busier! The yearbook is just finishing up, Spirit Week is on the way, "An Evening of the Arts" is just around the corner, and best yet, there's only 35 days of school left! Spring is, despite the few "oopsies" of snow, finally showing it's true colors and i'm loving every second of it! Easter has just passed and the reminders of Christ's love and forgiveness are newly refreshed in our minds, and the beauties of the season warm our hearts. Even as we're rushing in this crazy time of year, remember to keep Christ on your mind and in your heart and thank Him for His blessings.
 Just one example of this craziness and thankfulness to me is my upcoming trip to Nationals at BJU! Scott will also be traveling and I know we'll be in people's prayers. I know the experience will definitely be great and show me even more possibilities, and I can't wait! The one thing i'm not too thankful for is reciting my poem(s) at the Evening of the Arts. I write so that I don't have to talk in front of people. But i'll get over it I guess.

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